Who wins the award for Best Actor in a Leading Role in the Next Oscar?

Posted 2020/01/14 0

The 92nd event of the Academy of Arts and Image Sciences “Oscar” will be held on February 9th at the Dolby Theater in Beverly Hills, California.

On Monday, the Academy announced the list of candidates for the awards. The list of the best actor in a major role included a number of bright names, namely:

Joaquin Phoenix for “JOKER”, Antonio Banderas for PAIN AND GLORY, Leonardo DiCaprio for ONCE UPON A TIME … IN HOLLYWOOD, Adam DRIVES for MARRIAGE STORY, Jonathan Price for THE TWO POPES.

According to critics, “Phoenix” is considered the closest to winning the award, although he did not win the award before, as did Jonathan Price, star Antonio Banderas, and star Adam Driver, which means that the only one who won the award in the list – and only once – He is the artist Leonardo DiCaprio, specifically 2016, for the movie The Return.

A critic said to Primewire.st that the strength of competition does not only come from the strength of the actors’ performance, but rather comes from the level convergence, and hence the small differences become the problem.

He continued: “For example, in 1997, the movie Titanic received 12 Oscars, above which there was clear superiority and a great distance between it and other films, but this time there is strength between a number of works that do not have significant differences, or a distance that makes Award-winning movie.

He explained that it is difficult to expect the five films and their directors, and if the Oscars announce the voting numbers, the audience will discover that there are numbers convergence between all.

The critic concluded his speech by saying:” Often the best movie may be the Joker, and often the best actor will be Joaquin Phoenix, but he will not win a vast difference from the others. “


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