The Irishman .. How Was Artificial Intelligence Used To Decrease Actors’ Age ?

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The film industry has always relied on new technologies. Movie studios have tended to use the latest AI technologies to maximize their profits. We recently saw this in Martin Scorsese (The Irishman).

Netflix has invested nearly $ 200 million in the production of “The Irishman” co-starring “Robert Niro” alongside “Al Pacino” and “Joe Pesci”.

To complicate matters further for Musharraf ‘s visual effects (Pablo Hellman) ‘s Pablo Helman is the fact that Frank Sheeran (De Niro), and Jimmy Hoffa (Al Pacino), Russell bovalino (Joe Pesci) show during the 300 scene in a different age, and Scorsese wants to rely On traditional techniques where he felt that it would hinder the implementation of his vision for the film.

The events of the movie The Irishman have been going on for 5 decades:

The Irishman is based on the book, “I Heard You Paint Houses”, whose story is about a gangster and WWII fighter Frank Sheeran, who killed the head of the Labor Union (Jimmy Hoffa) but the problem is that the events take place In the period from 1949 to 2000, Scorsese wants to be able to shoot his movie the way he wants it without relying on traditional techniques.

Hellman had to strive to find the effective technology with which Hollywood makes its stars act at any age without difficulty. Hellman then asked Scorsese and De Niro to come to New York in 2015 to film a scene from “Goodfellas”, which was previously released in 1990.

Hellman managed to make De Niro appear as he was 25 years ago. But remaking one scene is easy, while making a three and a half hour movie full of actors of all ages is very difficult. With that, Hillman had work theory, but he still needed to develop a technique to allow Scorsese to film his movie the way he wanted.

Artificial intelligence is the solution:

What Hillman came up with was unprecedented, creating a new type of imaging device that allows Scorsese to shoot as he usually does, as well as capturing all of the data that the Visual Effects team at Industrial Light & Magic will need to minimize the actors ’age to be the scene. .

The imaging platform was made up of three cameras divided as follows: the main exit camera in the center, and on both sides there are two ( Alexa Mini ) cameras equipped to infrared image of the viewer from three angles to allow the formation of an engineering image for each point and line in the actor’s face .


Hellman cameras captured hours of videos and lots of data, and he needed to convert them to a movie. To do this, they developed a program called (Flux) that combines infrared information with images from the main camera to create digital images for each actor depending on the age required in the scene.

In order to simulate the different ages of the heroes, it was necessary to collect a large library of pictures for each of them at different stages of their life. For example, to create different ages for a person like: (Frank Sheeran) who moves from the early 1940s to the 1980s in the movie asking the team to index thousands of pictures from Old De Niro films range from Goodfellas to Casino.


Then the Visual Effects team also developed an AI system that takes whatever framework they created and scans the entire photo library in an instant, to give them reference pictures of what the actor should be so that the team can verify their work.

The result is a five-decade movie that Pecci, De Niro and Al Pacino play all of the time. The Irishman was also named Best Picture by New York Film Critics Circle.


The Irishman also ranked second in the Academy Awards nominations for 2020, garnering ten nominations. The Academy Awards will be held in Hollywood on February 9.


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