Surrogates .. When Everyone Has Their Own Robot

Posted 2016/10/05 0

We chose you this week’s Movie “Surrogates” as part of the weekly recommendations to watch movies that discuss topics related to technology. The movie, released in 2009, brings to our minds the future perceptions of the world through the eyes of movie makers in a manner marked by a clear exaggeration of scientific and technological opinions.

However, the movie, like other similar movies, wishes to convey a message about the obsession that dominates the world regarding the ability of robots to control a person or the possibility of them getting out of control and then controlling the world.

Robots movies may have been a few years ago seen as sheer fiction, but we are beginning to hear some opinions warning of the continued growth of artificial intelligence and the need to create ethical standards that governments and companies working in this field must agree to ensure the safety of the human race.

The events of the movie revolve around a world in which humans live through computers and robots, so every human being possesses his own robot, which is his alternative in the external world, with the aim of preserving the human race from conflict and violence associated with it.


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