George Clooney is directing the movie “Adaptation” of a John Grisham book

Posted 2020/10/16 0

George Clooney? Check. John Grisham? Check. Add to that baseball and father-son relationships and you’re good to go. That is exactly what Clooney himself must have thought. The actor and director is going to direct a father-son baseball drama based on a Grisham book, Calico Joe .

Grisham is known for Hollywood-friendly legal thrillers like The Firm (1993) . In 2012, he released the novel Calico Joe , a story about Joe Castle, an up-and-coming rookie in the world of baseball. Castle is known for his pleasant demeanor and his skills on the field, much to the irritation of Warren Tracey, a jealous pitcher for the New York Mets. One day, Tracey throws a pitch that turns his own life and Castle’s upside down.

In addition to directing, Clooney will also produce the film. He will do this together with his regular collaborator Grant Heslov and Bob Dylan (yes, the famous musician), through his own production company Gray Water Park Productions. About the story, Clooney and Heslov said:

John has written a wonderful story and we cannot wait to work with Bob.

Dylan agreed. He said he found it a powerful story that “will resonate with young and old.”


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