Before its commercial release, bad reviews for “Hellboy”.

Posted 2020/04/11 0

The new version of the fantasy and adventure “Hellboy” movie faced fierce criticism from an elite of critics and cinematographers with its pre-shows before its commercial launch in the American and international┬átheaters – tomorrow, Friday – where the website “Rotten Tomatoes” revealed the initial evaluation of the movie, which did not exceed 9% in shock for its fans.

According to “Comicbook”, the movie was not well-liked by critics for its initial screenings, and some described it as a very bad movie and did not re-introduce the character in an optimal way, despite the presence of a production company “Lionsgate” but they emphasized that the movie lacked many cinematic elements, and only concerned with the effects. The visuals, which were also not satisfied for them, amid expectations that he would not succeed in the American and world box office .

The new version of the character “Hellboy” is starring the American star, David Harper, who was recently known for his heroism in the series “Fantasy and the Mystery”. “Stranger Things”. The movie is the first of her absolute championships in Hollywood, and the tournament is shared by a group of stars, including Milla┬áJovovich, Brian Gleason, Mark Stanley, Ian McShane.

“Hellboy” was first introduced in 2004, starring American star Ron Perlman, the Oscar-winning Mexican director, Guillermo del Toro, who presented a cinematic vision of the character that impressed her fans, and the film was a great success at the American box office, with global revenues It reached $ 99 million from a production budget of $ 66 million.


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