How Did The Director Of The 1917 Movie Make it Look Like A Video Game?

Posted 2020/01/03 0

British director (Sam Mendes) managed to transform his latest movie, 1917, into a video game, by following a single shot strategy along the film, which has a duration of about 120 minutes.

The 1917 movie, which premiered in Britain in December, tells the story of two young British soldiers during World War I as they engage in an almost impossible mission, which involves carrying a message across enemy lines to a British battalion of 1,600 soldiers, who has been ambushed by Before the German forces.

In a race against time – against the invisible enemy – it is up to the soldiers to rescue the battalion’s soldiers. By heading towards its deadly mission, the two soldiers must cross the deadly and explosive battlefields of France at the height of the war. During the movie, the camera tracks the two soldiers with a single shot, simulating their movements and photographing them from all angles.

By monitoring the manner of photography, the viewer can feel as if in one of the fighting games, such as Call of Duty, or Battlefield, especially as the film’s director sought to make the viewers live the tragedy that occurred during the First World War, especially the suffering of the two British soldiers


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