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So you have been discouraged from watching or streaming movies online due to one reason or another?  If so, it's time you gave Primewire a try. Offering free movies and Tv shows online, this website offers a number of advantages to users, including but not limited to the following;

Friendly Navigation

The first thing that you will like about Primewire is the fact that it is relatively easy to navigate. As such, it's very easy to find your favorite movies and TV shows among the endless database of options. To locate movies or television shows, just click on either the movie or the TV shows tabs located on the top of your window. 

Super Easy

Primewire has a database with hundreds, if not thousands, of movies and television series. Despite that, it's easy to find what you would like to watch in a matter of seconds. First, the search field allows you to enter and search your movie or series, using its title. However, if you have any particular movie or series in mind, you can easily find something interesting to watch simply by clicking on the genre tab. Here, there is a wide range of genres for movies and TV shows to choose from, including action, anime/animation, sci-fi, history, romance, family, crime, adventure and more. Alternatively, just navigate to the "Top IMDB" tab to find movies and TV series that are very popular online or search for video contents to stream based on the years in which they were released. 

HD Streaming

Thirdly, Primewire offers contents in three high video resolutions i.e 360p, 720p and 1080p. All video contents are by default in 1080p, which shows pictures in the highest clarity possible. Also, streaming or watching can be done in the lower resolutions simply by adjusting the default resolution down to the desired resolution whether that be 720p or 360p. 

On-site Streaming

Unlike a number of movie and TV program watching or streaming sites, Primewire doesn't redirect viewers to other sites when they click on the video contents that they would like to watch. All contents are watchable onsite, making the user experience better. 

It's Free

Apart from allowing users to watch or stream movies onsite, Primewire doesn't charge money for its services, at least, not for watching or streaming movies. That means that with this free site, the movies or series you can't seem to watch because other sites charge for those are only a few clicks away at no cost. 

While there are many websites that offer similar services as Primewire, user-friendly navigation, the privilege to watch or stream contents for free,  and the fact that it offers content in multiple video resolutions are some of the reasons you should check this website out. Plus, it lets you watch your favorite movies and television shows onsite and offers a wide range of content options.